Master’s Degree in Equality and Gender – Methodology

The teaching methodology of UCV ONLINE is primarily characterized by being interactive and flexible.

The interactivity and flexibility of the teaching methodology of UCV ONLINE are guaranteed by the use of three main resources:

Interactive Videoconferencing

[youtube_video] w9LTNZ7nGUs [/youtube_video]

Interactive Videoconferencing done in real time. You can see and talk with faculty and your classmates every day and combine it with multiple activities that enrich the learning process (seminars, tutorials, multimedia slate, videos, web tour, etc.).

These interactive videoconferences   are recorded and stored   in the relevant video library (repository) so as not to reduce the flexibility which is characteristic of online education in general. You can consult the recordings of the classes whenever you want.

Each subject is reserved at least one hour a week for interactions through this type of videoconferencing, both in the framework of theoretical lectures and in activities or tutorials.

Videotaped lessons

[youtube_video] a3qO2SOyYkc [/youtube_video]

These educational videos are made by using a proprietary system driven by the UCV.

Video recording is also used to generate:

– Audiovisual documents accompanying the teaching guides.

– Tutorials that facilitate the acquisition of skills for managing virtual tools used in teaching at UCV ONLINE.

– Other activities undertaken during the academic year such as conferences, seminars, etc..


Each course is accompanied by e-texts usually written by the faculty. These e-texts, as well as hyperlinked content, contain practical exercises, a summary of key ideas, bibliography, a glossary and self-assessment exercises.